Zhejiang CHR Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.(Stock Code: 833115) is committed to the development of high-end broaching machines, CNC special machine tools, and robot integrated intelligent complete sets of equipment. It is a leading domestic and internationally advanced broaching equipment provider. It is a national high-tech enterprise, specialized and sophisticated “little giants”enterprise, Zhejiang "hidden champion" enterprise, "machine substitution" engineering service company, and won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award.

CHR is the chairman unit of the Pull-out Planer Branch of the China Machine Tool Industry Association. It has a national post-doctoral research station, a provincial enterprise research institute, provincial enterprise technology Center, a provincial engineering research center and a research and development center. In recent years, it has undertaken nearly 30 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects such as the National Innovation Fund and provincial major scientific and technological projects, and developed China’s first multi-robot collaborative automotive brake caliper bracket processing production line and the first roulette tongue and groove CNC horizontal side broaching machine Etc., the technical level has reached the domestic leading and international advanced. Has won 39 invention patents, nearly 200 utility model patents; won more than 20 municipal and above scientific and technological awards such as China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award; researched and developed products have been listed as two national key new products, and the first in a key field of equipment manufacturing ( Sets) 4 items, 3 items made in Zhejiang Province, 26 items of provincial new products.

CHR market is positioned as a substitute for imports of high-end equipment, and is a major partner of multinational companies and domestic listed companies, especially auto parts manufacturing companies. As an equipment supplier of the world's top 3 auto parts companies, it has provided high-end complete sets of equipment for the precision production of core auto parts such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, realizing the export of China's high-end equipment to Europe and the United States.