Zhejiang Jinyun: Deduction of Industrial Strong County

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Xinhuanet Hangzhou, May 12th (Lejing) Is industrial development and ecological protection contradictory? Is it possible to maintain green mountains and green waters? Is it a good natural and ecological environment in Jinyun County, Lishui City, located in the green valley of southern Zhejiang? At the same time, the industrial economy of industrial counties has remained the first in Lishui for 13 consecutive years.

In recent years, the downward pressure on the economy has increased, and the contradiction between economic development and environmental protection has become increasingly abrupt, and the “innovative green transformation” has become the industrial development choice under the transformation of the era scene. The local return to zero, actively adapt to and grasp the new normal, lead the benign development of the industrial economy with green, and drive the transformation and upgrading of the industry with innovation. From the independent transformation and upgrading of enterprises to the strategic planning of the overall layout of the government, the construction of the ecological industry in Jinyun is “drums and drums”.

"Green" metamorphosis: innovative green industry set off a banner for development

Jinyun is an industrial strong county in Lishui. The traditional advantage industry band sawing machine, sewing machine and ring lamp account for about 70% of the domestic market share. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the total output value of Jinyun Industry increased from 28.12 billion yuan in 2010 to 44.66 billion yuan, of which the total industrial output value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased from 24.93 billion yuan to 34.9 billion yuan, and 106 enterprises above designated size were added. Achieved rapid growth in industrial stability.

There is a vitality in the crisis, which is the most apt description of the current development of Jinyun industry.

With the rise of labor costs and the constraints of environmental resources, as well as the unexpected new economic situation, many manufacturing industries in Jinyun are facing “growth troubles”, and enterprises that have been ups and downs in the years of tempering and market conditions, Now there are new ideas and considerations.

Chenlong Group was formerly known as Chenlong Rubber Factory, which mainly produces PLA rubber shoes. However, with the soaring price of rubber and the asymmetry of market information, the dawn of the morning is getting harder and harder. In the eyes of the company's helm, Lu Pulong, the way of thinking determines the road, and then the old road will go bankrupt sooner or later. He said that before doing business from scratch, the resources are labor, labor costs, product prices, "now the environment has raised new propositions It is not working with the old concept.

At present, Chenlong Group has opened up talents and technology introduction channels, relying on independent innovation advantages and scientific and technological competitiveness, and has changed from labor-vacuum-type enterprises to the largest and most complete blade manufacturing industry in China. The products are exported to Spain. , Italy and other countries.

And the turn of the morning dragon - like, under the baton of "Green Water Castle", many industrial enterprises are accelerating on the runway of transformation and upgrading. For example, Tianxi Group vigorously cultivates the innovation ability of enterprises and actively promotes from the traditional kitchen utensils industry to small kitchen appliances; Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. adjusts and optimizes the industrial structure according to the requirements of greening. At the same time of the backward production capacity, Jinyun has also cultivated environmentally friendly emerging industries, such as the Kedian Jinyun 20MW Agricultural Light Complementary Power Station Project, which takes the development of new materials industry as a breakthrough and maximizes the benefits with minimal land consumption.

Through transformation and upgrading, Jinyun's industrial structure has been continuously optimized, and the “green” component has become increasingly bright. It is worth mentioning that the development and utilization of the national low-hill and gentle slopes by the two-level government of Lishui City and Jinyun County is the first zone and the demonstration zone. Zhejiang Lishao Hardware Technology Industrial Park is also in full swing. In order to enlarge and strengthen the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of the electronics and precision instrument industry, and take into account the "2+X" of other industries, we will strive to be completed by 2020 - a high-end industry concentration and innovative resource agglomeration, with Significantly equipped with intelligent equipment, provincial-level high-tech industrial parks. At present, 14 projects including SCHOTT Xinkang and Ai Teite have been introduced.

The development of the enterprise is of course inseparable from the local government's "shop second" service. In recent years, the Jinyun County Government has taken service enterprises and optimized the development environment as a major task, and has effectively guided, supported and helped through actions such as “Eco-Economic Improvement Year”, “Breaking the Problem” and “Creating Excellent Service”. At present, there are 38 national high-tech enterprises and 25 provincial-level technical development centers. The high-tech output value is 10.37 billion yuan, and more than 100 technologies of more than 40 enterprises are at the forefront of the country and the world.

E-commerce path exploration: "Internet +" drives industrial transformation and upgrading

Taobao shopping shop, e-commerce park, logistics express delivery industry... Now walking on the road of Jinyun Huzhen, Internet-related enterprises are row upon row. The data shows that the number of online merchants in Jinyun County has reached more than 2,900. In 2015, the transaction volume of third-party platforms reached 2.8 billion yuan, and on average, every minute, a courier was sent from Jinyun to the rest of the world.

How does such a traditional mountain county town rise with the help of the "Internet +" wave?

I set my sights on Beishan Village, Jinyun County, one of the first 20 “Taobao Villages” in China. It used to be a poor village. Now almost every household is doing Taobao and walking in the village. The most heard voice is “叮咚” .

Lu Zhouyang’s shop is open under the house, four computers are placed side by side on four simple wooden tables, and outdoor items such as tents and backpacks are stacked side by side on the wall. In this room of only a dozen square meters, But you can earn thousands of dollars in marketing. It’s better to go home to Taobao when you run around the east. Today's Beishan Village has more than 300 online stores, and has produced nearly 10 independent brands such as Xingqing Outdoor and Wind Road, with annual sales exceeding 150 million yuan.

The stunning performance of the e-commerce in Beishan Village is a microcosm of Jinyun's rural e-commerce. According to the Jinyun County Bureau of Commerce, by 2015, there were 169 traditional enterprises applying e-commerce in the county, accounting for 338% of the enterprises on the regulation; foreign trade enterprises using cross-border e-commerce to expand the market, there are more than 20, sales reached About 12 million US dollars. It mainly conducts cross-border e-commerce business through platforms such as Ali International Station and AliExpress. The product range covers various products such as kitchen utensils, home and local products.

In Jinyun, e-commerce is not just a business circulation, but it also drives the transformation and upgrading of the three industries.

In July 2011, Tianxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established based on the resources and platform of Tianxi Group. Initially, only 3 people, 6 months after the network sales of 6 million, in 2012 reached 20 million, at the end of 2013 exceeded 50 million, like Tianxi, the local Taotao Group, Golden Rod Movement, Dongyi Magnetic Industry, Handa Machinery, and 晟Play Bay and so on - a large number of companies, have "connected to the Internet", embarked on the ○ 20 network sales model.

According to reports, in addition to supporting the micro-e-commerce platform such as Shunlian Power, Jinyun County also arranges a special fund of 8 million yuan each year to guide and support e-commerce from the aspects of gathering platform, cultivating main body, training expansion, brand building, etc. Industrial transformation has opened a new window.

From scratch, from small to large, from traditional to emerging, from the low end of the industry to the high end of the industry, from the south of Zhejiang Province, the ecological industry is now in the middle of the middle and south of Zhejiang Province with the attitude of "Jinyun first economy", the local We will continue to implement the strategy of “eco-enriching the people and industrially strong counties”, adhere to the combination of ecological governance and ecological creation, and make great strides toward “Made in China 2025”.