Enterprises are invited to Germany for technical exchanges

2019-07-29 11:54:17 63

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From June 10th to 13th, the company's marketing director Lin Xiang, technical director Lu Xiaotian and Hangzhou subsidiary Hewa robot general manager Lu Jinxi were invited to the German World 500 powerful auto parts manufacturing group for technical exchanges and cooperation negotiations.

The company was invited to visit the German headquarters of the company for on-site visits, and to conduct deeper technical exchanges and discussions on the application of broaching equipment, combined machine tools and industrial robots in the “automatic production line for automobile brake caliper brackets”.

Through this technical exchange, it means that the company takes the broaching equipment as the entry point and makes great strides in the application of complete sets of equipment for industrial robots, laying a good foundation for the enterprise to open the door to the international market for complete sets of equipment.