"Jinyun Face" in Zhejiang Intelligent Manufacturing

2016-11-03 17:32:06 21

The wave of 2025′′ made in China swept over, Lishui Jinyun moved from time to time, with the concept of doing fine and excellent, taking high-end equipment manufacturing as the starting point, vigorously speeding up the pace of machine substitution, and embarking on a standard, quality and brand building. Leading the industry to upgrade, the new road of ecological and industrial development, sang a unique Lishui 缙 cloud sound in the map made by Zhejing Zhizhi.

At first glance, the county town of Huzhen Town was selected as the provincial “billion-class” industrial strong town, the county Lishao Industrial Park became the first national-level robot and intelligent equipment industry base in the province, and the Jinyun machine town was included in the provincial characteristics. Town to create a list.

What made this “smart” city in the green mountains and green waters? Let us explore the face of Jinyun in Zhejiang Zhizao.

Jinyun CHR equipment

The first set of products won the favor of German companies

In the busy production line of a factory of Continental AG, a number of automated production lines are producing brake calipers equipped with high-end cars such as BMW and Audi. These automated production equipment are not produced in Germany but from the county. Enterprise Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

We choose to do our best at a few points to catch up with international standards. "Changer Chairman Lin Lugao proudly said: "Now, not only in China, our high-end equipment has entered the international market, replacing the original German equipment in factories around the world. Our products have been recognized by the Continental Group Continental, the US TRW, the Belgian VST and other auto parts industry multinational group.

It is understood that the right angle double vertical column vertical broaching machine produced by Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has also won the title of the first provincial set, and the first national major project is the first replacement of China's equipment manufacturing industry. The set must have independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, and have major breakthroughs in terms of varieties, specifications or technical parameters. The technical indicators of the products have reached domestic leading or international advanced level, which is the first in China and the quality of products is reliable. It passes the provincial and above quality technologies. Inspection of laboratories and inspection agencies that supervise the qualification of the department.

In September 2016, Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.'s four-station 12-spindle linkage CNC composite machine tool and intelligent broaching equipment based on robot operation were selected as “Zhejiang Manufacturing Excellence”. In the same month, Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded the first prize for the “Key Technology and Industrialization of Large-Scale High-Precision CNC Cutting Equipment”, which was the first provincial scientific and technological progress award in Lishui. In October, the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” product standard formulated by Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. – “CNC Vertical External Bunker” standard passed the expert review.

Many of the automated equipment we produce for our customers are tailor-made. "Technical personnel introduced us. Into the production workshop of Changer Company, we saw that the robots only saw one on the other, one in and one out, five pieces of automobile brake shoe cover blanks were grabbed and sent to λ, stamping and polishing, water spray cooling, It takes only 3 seconds to lift the delivery, and the 3 cuts of the 5 products are processed in one time.

Changer's automatic integrated intelligent production line integrates machine tool broaching machines, automated installation equipment, and industrial machines. The equipment that originally required at least four or five workers to operate and occupies dozens of squares is now integrated into a smart device that occupies two or three square meters and requires only one porter to operate.

In the future, we are based on international logistics companies. "Liu Green, Chairman of Changer, has this clear plan for the next step of development: "We will focus on the development of turbine grooving CNC broaching machines in the field of large aircraft engines, and our products will enter more high-end fields.

Jinyun Jinmason Machinery

Small bends help the big aircraft industry

According to customer needs, with advanced technological advantages, in 2001, the first flange welding and bending technology completed by Jin Maxun became a dark horse in the industry. "Xia Xiaojie, director of the office of Zhejiang Jinmason Nuclear Energy Pipe Fittings Division, said.

Different pipes, different sizes, different wall thicknesses, different materials, all parameters are different, the elongation and rebound rate of the elbow are different. At present, the industrial field involves the production and production of curved tubes for aircraft. Zhejiang Jinmaxun Machinery Co., Ltd. is the fourth Chinese enterprise after the United States, Britain and Italy.

Zhejiang Jinmaxun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating hair, manufacturing and sales. It is a national high-tech enterprise and was established in July 2003. Products related to CNC tube bending machine, tube end forming machine, hydraulic tube machine, robot digital tube production and so on. Jinmaoxun has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “building high-quality products with noble character and creating world-class brand with technological innovation”. Through project development, it has gradually gained recognition in the industry.

At present, it has also completed comprehensive cooperation with Chengdu aircraft, mainly including providing equipment and technical support, and sending technical personnel to Chengdu for technical exchanges every year. Chengdu Aircraft’s evaluation of Jin Maxun has been very high. Last year, it gave Jin Maxun a horizontal research project, so that Jinmason’s technology can be applied in other areas in the future.

Whether it is Changer's continuous innovation in intelligent machine tools or Jinmaoxun's ambition in the bending industry, it is based on this kind of ingenuity and ingenuity, constantly exploring on the road of wisdom in its own field, and their ingenuity and Perseverance, and constantly injecting a strong atmosphere into Zhejiang Zhizhuang.