"Specialized and special", refining the invisible champion

2017-03-15 17:26:07 10

The soul of quality is in the heart. On the morning of March 5, Premier Li Keqiang said in his government work report that it is necessary to vigorously promote the spirit of artisans, cultivate the culture of artisans, fulfil professional ethics, admire excellence, cultivate many "Chinese craftsmen", and build more world-renowned "China." Brands, to promote China's economic development into the quality era.

A few days ago, the Provincial Government Office issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Specialized and Specialized" for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions"). "Specialized and special", that is, specialization, quality, specialization, and innovative development, pointed out that when China's economic development enters the quality era, Zhejiang small and medium-sized enterprises bid farewell to extensive development and move toward the development of "invisible champion". the road.

Make the company small and strong and beautiful

"All the time, we are all exploring why SMEs in developed countries such as Germany are so good. Looking at the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in developed countries, the actual conditions of different countries are different, and the development conditions are different, but they all have similar development paths, that is, they can concentrate. In a certain industry field, we will do our best to concentrate on core products, adhere to continuous and rapid innovation, establish a unique corporate brand, and grow into an invisible champion of the market segment.” The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Economic and Information Committee said, “The mountain is not obvious. , no dew; small but strong, small and beautiful.

"Specialized and special" is a secret weapon. "The interpretation of the specific connotation of specialization and speciality in our province is a combination of Zhejiang characteristics. Said the person in charge -

“Specialization” means focusing on core business, enhancing professional production capacity, aggregating factor resources, selecting the main direction, cultivating a certain link or product in the industry chain, and establishing stable production and R&D with large enterprises and large projects. Specialized collaboration and matching relationships.

"Quality", that is, to improve the quality, enhance the "fine manufacturing" ability, promote the spirit of artisans, use the sophisticated and accurate services to win the market; carry out refined management, strictly organize production according to standards, and strengthen quality control throughout the process.

"Specialization" means focusing on the characteristics and advantages, enhancing the management ability to win the "special", cultivating the brand of independent trademarks, attaching importance to intellectual property rights, using unique techniques, technologies, formulas or raw materials to produce characteristic products, forming a "people without me, People have my core competitiveness.

“Innovative” means aiming at continuous innovation in market demand, enhancing rapid response and rapid updating capabilities, carrying out technological innovation management innovation and business model innovation, establishing innovative mechanisms, cultivating innovative teams, and promoting the transformation of innovation results.

In fact, Zhejiang has a long-standing industrial tradition to promote the development of “specialization and specialization”. The "old name" we often say is the "specialized and special", the fan of Wang Xingji and the scissors of Zhang Xiaoquan are typical representatives.

At present, the development level of small and medium-sized enterprises in our province is still not high, and there are problems such as low-end products, weak innovation ability, extensive operation and management, homogenous low-price competition, and short-term production and operation. The province issued the "Implementation Opinions", the purpose is to guide the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our province.

Thick plant transformation and upgrading new kinetic energy

The goal of the "Implementation Opinions" is to cultivate 50,000 "specialized and special" warehousing enterprises in industrial enterprises and individual industrial enterprises below the scale of the province by 2020, and cultivate about 1,000 domestic fine-scale enterprises in industrial enterprises above designated size. The “invisible champion” with the highest market share of products in the market, the industrial structure was obviously optimized, the quality of the enterprise was significantly improved, and the phenomenon of “low-dispersion crisis” and “four-nothing” production was fundamentally changed. A number of products, technologies and management emerged. The small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry with advanced domestic level and core competitiveness have become the backbone of the economic transformation and upgrading of our province.

Small and micro enterprises account for a large part of the Zhejiang economy. Employed people account for more than half of the province's total, and exports account for one-third of the economy. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Economic and Information Committee said that only when the foundation is solid, the Zhejiang economy can have quality and vitality. If small and medium-sized enterprises can carry out the fine products, from the original extensive development to the "specialized and special", the transformation and upgrading will be completed, then the foundation of Zhejiang's economic transformation and upgrading will be very solid.

"In fact, the feasibility of promoting the special development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our province is also very large. The person in charge said that Zhejiang's block economy is developed, and every block is industry-leading. There is one in every block. Approved “Invisible Champion” enterprises. At the same time, there are more supporting enterprises in the block, and they are “invisible champions” in more subdivided fields. Therefore, “specialized special new” combined with the transformation of the block economy, The feasibility is very large.

In December 2016, the province announced the list of the first batch of 20 “invisible champions” and 108 “invisible champions”. Established in 1995, Ningbo Cibei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed into a national enterprise capable of forming strong competition with similar enterprises in Europe and America in the internal fixation of titanium plates and titanium alloy screws in craniomaxillofacial surgery; Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of high-end broaching machines, composite machine tools and robot integrated intelligent complete sets of equipment. After 10 years of painstaking research and market hard work, it has been listed on the New Third Board in August 2015...

Compared with developed countries and advanced regions, small and medium-sized enterprises are the foundation of “manufacturing strong provinces”. Promoting the development of "specialized and special" and cultivating a group of "invisible champions" is not only the need to implement the "Made in China 2025 Zhejiang Action Plan", but also to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. It is also to continuously enhance the vitality and stamina of the province's economic development. The requirements further clarify the development direction of SMEs in our province and will promote the formation of a new competitive advantage of “Zhejiang Manufacturing”.