[Excellent talents] from orthopaedic surgeons to high-end equipment manufacturers - Lin Lugao, general manager of Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

2017-12-04 15:46:12 20

Today, the best talents to introduce to you are:

Lin Lugao

General Manager of Zhejiang CHR Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


For BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other high-end automotive core parts precision manufacturers to provide "machine substitution" overall solution, this "high on the" work, General Manager of Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Lin Lugao decided to give up the doctor Occupation, when entering the equipment manufacturing industry, I did not think that I could afford it. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, he turned this into reality.

Before 2000, Lin Lugao was also a professional orthopaedic surgeon. In May of this year, he was naturally very sensitive to all kinds of machines. No matter what machine he liked, Lin Lugao summoned ten employees to set up a machinery factory. We chose the broaching manufacturing industry of the domestic production enterprise. From the "scalpel" to the "mechanical knife", the industry span is amazing. "At that time, there were too few companies in the same industry in China, and we didn't have to imitate it. But others asked if you can make it, definitely answer 'Energy'." It is such a spirit that allows Lin Gao's high-tech enterprises to survive, and he also clarifies that innovation is the core driving force for real enterprise development.


As a leader of a technology-based company, Lin Green HD recognizes that talent development is the core strategy to promote innovation and development of enterprises. "I have a very good team. It is based on their excellence that they have my "halo" today." Whenever he talks about the achievements of him and the company, Lin Lugao always said sincerely. In 2016, it was the “Key Technology and Industrialization of Large-Scale High-Precision CNC Broaching Equipment” undertaken by this outstanding team and won the “First Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award”.

With a talent team, Lin Lugao has led the development of China's first high-value-added “multi-robot coordinated automobile brake caliper bracket high-speed precision machining automatic production line” in recent years, which can replace 8-10 workers, and the key technologies have filled the domestic Blank space in the field of intelligent processing of brake caliper brackets. At present, the product has obtained 9 national invention patents and 14 utility models. After being appraised by professional institutions, the product performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, breaking the "German monopoly manufacturing", which is a sensation. Lin Lugao and his team have also created one and another impressive results: refreshing the world's largest tonnage broaching manufacturing record, developing the first right-angle double-column vertical broaching machine in China, the first set of intelligent broaching equipment. He is moving toward the goal of realizing China's intellectual creation in the high-end manufacturing sector.