Li Haifeng Party Secretary Hu Haifeng research Changer

2018-07-30 10:25:49 37

On the morning of July 29, Hu Haifeng, secretary of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee, went to Changer for investigation. Xu Guangwen, deputy mayor of Lishui City, Ye Qing, secretary general of the Municipal Party Committee, Cai Wei, director of the Municipal Party Committee, Yang Xiuqing, secretary of the Jinyun County Party Committee, and Hu Zhengxin, deputy director of the Lishui Hardware Technology Industrial Park Management Committee Wait for the leadership to accompany the research.

In the Changer production workshop, Hu Shuji visited the high-end broaching machine, CNC compound machine tool and robot integrated equipment in manufacturing. Chairman Lin Luga highlighted the development of Changer's full-process processing equipment for automobile brake caliper production, and a new breakthrough in the field of aviation equipment. The successful development of the first-generation aircraft engine grooving CNC horizontal side broaching machine Process and development progress of the second generation of high performance broaching machines.

Hu Shuji expressed his appreciation to Changer for focusing on the industry segment and providing overall solutions for quality customers. Hu Shuji inquired about the research and development team, core technology, competitive advantage and intellectual property rights of Changer.

Hu Shuji expressed his surprise and surprise to Lin Gaogao, the person in charge of Changer Enterprise, from the establishment of a high-tech enterprise by an orthopaedic surgeon. He encouraged Lin Lugao's chairman to lead the team to strive for excellence and strive for the early launch of the main board.