- "I am proud of Changer" -

2018-04-04 15:54:23 13


On April 4th, the Jinyun County Industrial Science and Technology Conference and the “Phoenix Action” plan promotion meeting was grandly held. Li Yun, the county magistrate of Jinyun, presided over the meeting, and Yang Xiuqing, secretary of the Jinyun County Party Committee, delivered an important speech. The conference recognized 32 categories of awards, 12 of which are well-known on the list.

2017 is a year of full honor. “National High-tech Enterprise” was re-certified and passed the “Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute”, “Zhejiang Invisible Champion Enterprise” and “Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise”... one certificate of honor, one The trophies are all affirmation of Changer

· “2017 Industrial Enterprise Development and Progress Award”, the county ranked sixth.

· “The annual tax of 30 industrial enterprises in the fiscal year”, the county ranked 14th.

· “Top 30 Taxpayers in Industrial Enterprises in 2017”, ranking 24th in the county.

· “Top 50 Eco-Industries in 2017”, ranking 18th in the county.

· “Zhejiang Invisible Champion Enterprise”

· “Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute”

· “Zhejiang Key R&D Project”

· “Zhejiang Provincial Industrial New Products” (3 items)

· “Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise”

2017 is a year of continuous growth for Changer employees.

· Liu Zhonghua, the chief engineer of the institute, and Lv Xiaotian, the executive vice president of the institute, won the “first batch of enterprise backbone talents in Jinyun County”.

· Executive Vice President Hu Chunmei won the “138 Talent Project in Lishui City”

· Technical backbone Jiang Xiaole won the "Lishui City's third Green Valley rookie"