The demonstration unit of corporate culture construction in Zhejiang Province

2018-02-24 16:58:37 18


On February 2, the Propaganda Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China convened the Fifth Zhejiang Enterprise Culture Construction Conference. At the meeting, 50 “Zhejiang Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Units” were commended, and Changer Company won this honor.

For a long time, Changer has always regarded cultural construction as an important starting point for accelerating the development of the enterprise. It is committed to the creation of brand culture and brand building. Through cultural soft power, it gathers strength and motivates the team to form a unique and unique character. The corporate culture system runs through the whole process of production and management, and the corporate image and social awareness are continuously improved.

In the future, Changer will continue to enhance its cultural soft power, organically integrate culture and products, and closely link cultural construction with brand building to promote rapid development of enterprises.