[Are you getting it?] Changer accounting talents "re-upgrade"! !

2017-05-23 16:25:55 14

The Lishui City Finance Bureau announced the results of the second phase of the accounting leader (back-up) talent selection, and the financial director of the company, Zhou Ai-Biao, was selected as the second-ranked accounting leader (back-up) talent in Lishui City, ranking fourth. It is understood that through the declaration, preliminary examination, written examination, interview and other links, the selection of accounting leading (backup) talents is 35 people, and only 2 people in Jinyun County. Zhou AiBiao: Accountant/Statistician/Intermediate Certified Management Accountant, joined Changer in April 2013 and served as the Chief Financial Officer of Changer. He focuses on improving the professional skills and overall quality of financial staff, and aims to cultivate senior financial talents who are “specialized, refined and new”.

In recent years, he led the financial team to complete the company's share reform, listing and market making; implemented the management accounting system project, established the corresponding project management methods; participated in the enterprise investment and financing management work, organized the establishment of the project risk assessment mechanism; The situation, discuss and formulate the receivables recovery strategy and plan; implement the ERP system to go online, improve the ERP system-based cost accounting system; carry out cost management, budget management, accounting, auditing, inventory control, etc. The company reduces costs, increases revenues and reduces expenditures, and improves efficiency.

In order to implement the Ministry of Finance's "National Accounting Leading Talent Training Project Development Plan" and "Zhejiang Accounting Industry Medium and Long-term Talent Development Plan (2013-2020)", a number of high-quality, composite types that meet the requirements of social and economic development of Lishui City have been created. Accounting leading talents provide a strong accounting talent guarantee for Lishui City's social and economic construction. In 2017, the Lishui Municipal Finance Bureau launched the second phase of the accounting leader (backup) talent training project. The training period of the training course is 3 years, and the training is concentrated 4 times a year. The training adopts a combination of concentrated learning and on-the-job learning.