Changerlin Green is selected as the first level of the 151 talent project in the province

2016-11-26 14:06:35 13


In 2016, the list of 151 talent project training personnel in Zhejiang Province was released. Lin Lu, Chairman of Changer Group, was selected as the first-level training personnel. It is the only high-level talent in Lishui City that was selected as the first level of Zhejiang Province 151 this year.

Lin Lugao, senior engineer, senior economist, senior technician, master of Nankai University, master of mechanical engineering of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology.


What is the 151 talent project?

Organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission and Zhejiang Province The Science and Technology Association initiated a round of training every five years: about 100 people can track the frontiers of international science and technology, lead the development of the discipline and industry, and enter the first-level leading talents of the national-level candidate series of 100 million talent projects; 500 It has high academic and technological attainments and can support the province's discipline construction, industrial development and scientific and technological innovation. It has a second-level academic and technical leader with high reputation among the province's domestic and foreign counterparts; about 1,000 people play a key role in various disciplines and industries. The role is to be recognized by the peers in the province and abroad, and the reserve of academic and technical leaders with potential for development. The number of third-level training staff is controlled at 20% of the total number of trainees.


Document basis: Implementation Opinions of Zhejiang Provincial Committee Office [2011] No. 15 "Zhejiang 151 Talent Project 2011-2020"