Zhang Yiwen, deputy director of Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, researched Changer

2015-12-30 17:20:32 17

On December 30, Zhang Yiwen, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhao Xinlong, Director of the High-tech Department, Chen Longgen, Director of the Achievements Division, Yuan Jixin, Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology Information, and Jiang Fen, deputy director of the Office, were accompanied by leaders of the city and county. Changer.

The leaders visited the Changer production workshop and listened to Lin Green’s research and innovation on Changer’s recent years. The current major scientific research projects “double-spindle vertical machining center” and “automatic precision machining production line for automobile brake calipers” The introduction, understanding the development direction of Changer products in the next three years, fully affirmed the achievements of Changer in the "machine substitution", and promoted the "machine substitution" and promoted products in the future of Changer equipment. There are high hopes for transformation and upgrading.