Li Jingning, Director of Technology and Equipment Department of Zhejiang Economic and Information Committee, and his company

2015-11-04 13:39:24 8

On the morning of November 4th, Li Jingning, Director of the Technical and Technical Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, accompanied by the deputy magistrate Lou Jinyou and the director of the County Economic and Information Bureau Hu Zhengxin and other relevant leaders visited the company. The leaders and the company visited the production workshop of the company and listened to the introduction of the company's products by the chairman Lin Lugao. Later, the two sides held a discussion in the conference room. During the discussion, Chairman Lin Lugao reported to the leaders on the development of the company's current key projects “automatic brake caliper production line” and “big aircraft project”. The two sides made further progress on the current situation of the machine tool industry and the sales situation of the enterprise market. communicate with.

Director Li Jingning gave a high degree of recognition to the company to provide customers with "integrated solutions" to extend the industrial chain, and encouraged enterprises to do a "service-oriented service" while transforming and upgrading. At the same time, Director Li has put forward very valuable suggestions for the future development of the company in the field of military industry. He hopes that the company will deploy all preparations for cooperation with the military industry in advance.