Semi-annual summary meeting

2015-08-05 09:30:45 11

When the country's economic development enters a new normal, enterprise development needs to further understand the situation, find a correct position, and promote the smooth operation of all work. On August 2, Changer Equipment's 2015 semi-annual work conference was held at Dayangshan Forest Farm. More than 50 shareholders and more than cadres at the grassroots level attended the meeting.

The meeting reported on the company's financial operations and business operations in the first half of 2015.

At the meeting, Chairman Lin Lugao made a semi-annual work report. The report was launched from the aspects of “How to be proud of Changer employees, how to get real returns in the capital market, how to do things with shareholder mentality, and how to achieve open source and reduce expenditures”. Chairman Lin requested that the participants should face up to themselves, find gaps, explore problems, and clarify the direction, and actively think about and improve the direction and measures around all aspects of the work report.

According to the requirements of the meeting, the participants were divided into five groups and brainstormed to discuss and conduct in-depth analysis around the theme. In the afternoon meeting, the representatives of the groups elaborated and exchanged views of the group. The atmosphere of the meeting was strong, and the content of the meeting was deeply rooted and thought-provoking.

Chairman Lin stressed that this year is the first year for Changer to enter the capital market. It is a key year for us to enter and start. Only Seriously summing up the past experience, looking for existing deficiencies, deepening the root causes of the problem, maintaining the enterprising spirit of advancing difficulties and carrying forward the past, can accelerate the reform, the innovation drive, and promote the steady development of enterprises.