Japanese experts come to the company for technical exchanges

2015-06-13 11:06:21 10

     On June 11, two experts, Yushan Dingzhi and Sui Yuanliang, accompanied by Li Jie, Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center, to the company for technical exchanges and guidance.

     Yushan Dingzhi and Suiyuan Liangzhang have worked in international advanced enterprises such as Honda Motor and Toshiba Machinery, and are engaged in enterprise management and research and development of precision machine tools. Accompanied by Lin Green, the chairman of the company, and Liu Zhonghua, the chief engineer, the company went into the production site to learn more about the manufacturing process of high-end broaching machines, special machine tools and intelligent complete sets of equipment, and checked the production management situation of the company. In the process of technical communication, the expert Yushan Dingzhi gave detailed technical guidance to the technical personnel of the company on the principle of static pressure technology, and Mr. Suiyuan Liangzhang put forward many valuable suggestions for the improvement of business management.

     Through this technical exchange, the two sides reached a preliminary consensus on further exchanges and cooperation, and the company will send technical personnel to Japan for study and follow-up.