Li Qiang, Governor of Zhejiang Province, inspected the intelligent equipment of Changer

2015-06-04 16:59:46 10

"Good work, I am optimistic about you!" This is the speech of Zhejiang Provincial Governor Li Qiang on June 3, Lin Lugao, Chairman of Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

On this day, accompanied by the main leaders of Lishui Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Yongkang, Mayor Huang Zhiping, Jinyun County Party Secretary Zhu Jikun, and County Magistrate Wu Yulin, Governor Li Qiang went to Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. for investigation and investigation. When he listened to the various innovation breakthroughs made by Changer in the field of "machine substitution" high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing and the introduction of the company's new three board listing in recent years, he fully affirmed and highly appreciated.    

When visiting the production workshop, I just met two foreign customers in the inspection and acceptance of the broaching machine. I heard that two high-end broaching machines were sold to Europe, and Governor Li Qiang was very happy.

In the scene, I saw the company's first dual-spindle machining center in China. Governor Li Qiang detailed his development and asked about whether the domestic CNC system can meet the performance needs and fully affirm the innovative ability of Changer. While carefully observing, he inquires in detail about the performance, use and market environment of high-end broaching equipment, and focuses on the independent research and development of the company's own products. "Automatic production line for automobile brake calipers based on industrial robots", "Super line" "Give high praise.

The humanoid robot NAONAO of the Changer subsidiary Hwa Robot came to the scene, and Governor Li Qiang had a cordial interaction with NAONAO.

Governor Li Qiang told the chairman of Lin Luga: It is very difficult to make the sub-sector of broaching equipment so excellent, and the government should support it! It is a good way to go public on the New Third Board. Do it well, I am optimistic about you!