Changer employees won good grades in the county skill competition

2015-05-02 16:43:14 15

On March 31, sponsored by Jinyun County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the General Labor Union, and the Finance Bureau, Jinyun County Vocational Secondary School and Science and Technology Innovation Platform hosted the “Kechuang Cup” enterprise post-training skills competition in Jinyun County. Held exclusively.

     The competition includes: ordinary lathes, CNC lathes, electric welders, maintenance electricians, auto mechanics, animators, Chinese cooks, rural e-commerce divisions, and the total scores are taken by theoretical examinations and on-site skills assessment to determine the competition ranking. Each type of work produces one first prize, two second prizes and one third prize.

     During the event, the company's employee Xu Luohong won the first prize of the turning group, Lu Qidi won the first prize of the maintenance electrician group, Chen Cong won the third prize of the electric welder group, among which Xu Luohong and Lu Qidi won the honorary title of “Jinyun County Technical Expert”.