2014 annual commendation meeting

2015-03-01 16:42:00 10

3month5day,2014The annual commendation meeting was held in the company's exhibition hall, and all employees attended the meeting.

The conference commended2014The annual "National Youth Position Expert", "Lishui City Moral Model Dedication and Nomination Award", etc.7External awards14The winners were also commended2014The company's "Major Contribution Group Award", "Major Contribution Individual Award", "Work Star", "Progress Star" and "Service Enterprise 10th Anniversary Loyalty Award".

At the meeting, Lin Green, the company's chairman, made an important speech. He proposed to all employees6 basic work requirements, and pointed out "2015In the year, we will establish a core value of customer-centered, struggle-oriented, long-term hard work, and implement the general policy of strategic marketing, technological innovation, process management, and team success to realize our dreams. "The final part of the conference was also carried out"2015 annual goal and performance management responsibility book signing ceremony.