Zhejiang Online】——The 4th Badminton Tournament of Jinyun County was successfully concluded

2016-05-24 11:31:39 26

On the evening of February 26, the body of the second experimental primary school in Jinyun County was brightly lit, and the cheers and cheers were heard. In 2016, the 4th Badminton Mixed Team Competition in Jinyun County kicked off.

The event was hosted by Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Jinyun County Badminton Players Association and Jinyun County No. 2 Experimental Primary School. A total of 110 athletes from all over the county participated in the competition. The competition time is from February 26th to 28th. There are men's singles, male doubles, female doubles and mixed doubles. The finals were held on the evening of the 28th.

The success of the competition fully demonstrated the spirit and spirit of the various badminton teams in Jinyun, providing a platform for badminton sports enthusiasts to exchange ideas and skills, and promoted the vigorous development of the county's badminton sports.