[Zhejiang Online Report] - Changer was included in the list of "machine substitution" in Zhejiang Province

2016-02-15 11:25:33 28

Recently, the Provincial Economic and Information Committee issued a notice to announce the list of the third batch of “machine substitution” engineering service companies in the province. Zhejiang Ai Teite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. The company is listed among them. At this point, Jinyun County has become the first and only county in the city to receive this honor.

The Provincial Economic and Information Commission's move aims to further improve the province's "machine substitution" market-oriented promotion mechanism, form a strong technical service support system, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of third-party service platforms and scientific and technical personnel. Up to now, 35 enterprises in the province have been included in the list of “machine substitution” engineering service companies.