[Zhejiang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau] - Changer was selected as a postdoctoral workstation.

2016-02-15 11:19:27 18


On May 20th, the bureau held a promotion meeting for post-doctoral work in the city. The meeting specially invited Chen Hualiang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, to give lectures on post-doctoral work.

    At the meeting, Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dr. Park Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Qingtian Yitian Fishery Development Co., Ltd. and other three companies in the city were selected as provincial postdoctoral workstations. Exchange speeches. Wu Shanyin, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, issued a doctoral workstation plaque to 13 new city-level doctoral workstations in the city.

    More than 70 people including the Municipal Party Committee's Talent Office, the Development Zone Management Committee, and the heads of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureaus of the counties (cities, districts) and the heads of departments and departments, and the heads of doctors and post-doctoral units in the city attended the meeting.

    In recent years, the SIPO has attached great importance to post-doctoral work, issued the "Lishui City Postdoctoral Work Management Measures (Trial)", established a doctoral workstation system, increased capital investment, and widely publicized, actively organized and applied for provincial postdoctoral workstations, national postdoctoral research stations. . According to statistics, at present, the city has selected 25 municipal doctoral workstations, and has been approved by four provincial post-doctoral workstation pilot units, and three provincial post-doctoral workstations. In the next step, the bureau will carry out assessment and evaluation of doctoral and postdoctoral work sites according to the unified deployment of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, and commend and reward outstanding station builders and outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

    It is understood that the approved doctoral workstations will be given a special grant of 100,000 yuan to the unit; the additional special fund for the post-doctoral pilot unit will be 100,000 yuan; and the special post-doctoral workstation will be supplemented with 100,000 yuan. In addition, every two years, an assessment and evaluation work will be organized, and a reward of 50,000 yuan will be given to sites that have performed well and achieved remarkable results, and 10,000 yuan will be awarded to outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. The post-doctoral researcher in the urban area will provide 50,000 yuan per year for scientific research and living allowance for each person during the two-year study. Ph.D. and post-doctoral research personnel work in the workstation for at least 6 months each year, giving each person a maximum of 20,000 yuan in research and living allowances per year for three years.