The 9th Zhejiang Mechatronics Forum was held in Jinyun

2013-12-20 14:43:33 11

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On December 14th, the 9th Zhejiang Mechatronics Forum, hosted by Zhejiang Mechanical Engineering Society and Zhejiang Automation Society, was held in Xiandu with the theme of “equipment manufacturing development and trend”. Lin Green, the chairman of the company, was invited to lead the technical team to participate in the forum.

During the forum, the delegates visited, inspected and guided the company on the spot. Lin Green, the chairman of the company, exchanged views with the visitors on the production and operation of the company, the development trend of the industry and the innovation. Through this forum, the technical team learned about the development of the industry, enhanced the exchanges with experts and scholars in the province's electromechanical industry, and has guiding significance for promoting the construction of high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises.