Lushan Conference

2012-06-15 16:56:42 10

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From June 1st to June 3rd, 2012, the company's 2012 work conference was held in Lushan. More than 40 middle-level and above cadres attended the meeting.

The meeting focused on the impact of the current economic situation and development trends on the real economy such as manufacturing. Focusing on "What can I do for the survival and development of enterprises in today's financial crisis and endangering the real economy such as manufacturing?" Each participant made a substantive analysis and speech on how to improve the product quality of the enterprise, improve the service level, create business benefits and other topics, combined with the current situation of the enterprise and the work of the department.

After the two-day conference, the backbone of the Changla bed has experienced the hardship of mountaineering and the joy of teamwork, and is more convinced that the "people are great because of their dreams, we use our actions to achieve our dreams".