Jinyun Gaoxin's new products passed provincial appraisal

2012-04-17 17:22:27 20

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In April 2012, the new product appraisal meeting of Jinyun Gaoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held in Hangzhou. The new product “LG72SS right angle double column vertical broaching machine” and “LG71HA vertical broaching machine” and “LG51KB” were independently developed. The vertical inner broaching machine and the "LG57FA pull-up inner broaching machine" all passed the provincial new product identification.

At the meeting, the expert committee of the appraisal committee listened to Lin Gugao, chairman of Jinyun Gaoxin, on the trial production report, product test report, user report and new report of these four products, and learned about the process of new product development, trial production and use. The relevant technical indicators, and watched the video video of the product on-site operation, combined with its technical difficulties, hot spots and practical application problems, conducted extensive and in-depth discussions and exchanges with the project team. Finally, the expert group believes that these four new products have independent intellectual property rights, the technical performance is leading domestically, the market prospect is good, and it is unanimously agreed to pass the provincial new product appraisal.