Zhejiang Military and Civil Science and Technology Cooperation Matchmaking Exchange Meeting Held in Xiaoshan

2010-06-13 09:37:11 19

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On the afternoon of June 8, 2010, Zhejiang Province military and civilian science and technology cooperation docking exchange conference was held in Xiaoshan. More than 140 experts and entrepreneurs of the national defense military system and more than 300 Zhejiang enterprises participated in the joint venture by the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the China Ordnance Industry Group. The conference was hosted and 30 projects were signed, with a contractual amount of 2.4 billion yuan.

Hu Wenming, secretary of the Party Group of the National Weaponry Industry Group Corporation, said that Zhejiang's market construction capability is conducive to the development of the national defense military system industry and promotes the industrialization of more advanced scientific and technological achievements. Jin Deshui, deputy governor of Zhejiang Province, said that the national defense military system has strong advantages in technology, talents and industrialization, and hopes to turn these advantages into a powerful driving force for Zhejiang to enhance its independent innovation capability and promote economic transformation and upgrading.

Lishui City Science and Technology Bureau, City Science and Technology Information Center, Jinyun County Science and Technology Bureau, Lishui Micro-Electronics Industry Association led by Founder Motor, Jinyun County High-tech Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other 13 companies in Lishui participated in the conference.