Provincial Enterprise Research Institute “Settled in”

2017-08-25 16:40:02 14

Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, Development and Reform Commission, and Economic and Information Committee jointly announced the list of 2017 provincial-level enterprise research institutes. Zhejiang Changer High-end Broaching Equipment Research Institute was selected by Changer and won the title of “Provincial Enterprise Research Institute”. Through the recommendation of various cities, counties (cities, districts), expert review, publicity, conference research and other procedures, 234 provincial-level enterprise research institutes and 5 Lishui cities (only 2 in Jinyun County) were identified.

This honor marks another affirmation of the relevant government departments on the construction of the technology innovation system of the Changer Enterprise Research Institute. Changer Research Institute has taken another step from the provincial-level technology R&D center with single technology innovation to the key enterprise research institutes that lead the industrial technology advancement.

As the main body of Changer Technology System, Changer Research Institute has always shouldered the mission of industrial technology innovation, product research and development, project cooperation and process improvement. Continuous research and development of new technologies, new processes and new products with independent intellectual property rights, providing strong technical support for the sustainable development of enterprises. Through years of experience accumulation and technology precipitation, the technical achievements of the Changer Research Institute have achieved remarkable results. At this stage, the company has more than 100 patents, including 22 invention patents; as the main drafting unit, it has issued one Zhejiang manufacturing standard, three industry standards, and five intelligent manufacturing industry standards; it has undertaken national projects such as the National Innovation Fund. 8 projects, provincial key projects such as major science and technology projects, created the world's largest tonnage broach manufacturing record, developed the first automatic brake production line automatic cutting production line, the first right angle double column broaching machine and the first Set of intelligent broaching equipment; won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award and other more than 10 awards at the municipal level; R & D products listed as 2 national key new products, Zhejiang Province equipment manufacturing key areas (sets) 2 products, 2 manufacturing products in Zhejiang, 16 new products in the province.

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 It is understood that the Enterprise Research Institute is an important part of the national technological innovation system, and is the core strength of the enterprise's innovation-driven development. It is a high-level, high-level research and development institution established by the enterprise itself. In 2014, the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Joint Science and Technology Department of the Economic and Information Committee formulated the “Administrative Measures for Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute” and carried out the identification work. The aim is to gather and integrate innovative elements, support the sustainable development of enterprises, and lead the development of the region and the industry in terms of scientific and technological research, personnel training, institution building, system improvement and mechanism innovation, and build a number of demonstration bases for industrial technology progress in our province. .