Xu Guangwen, deputy mayor of Lishui City, and his team studied

2017-07-06 16:38:56 16

On July 6, Xu Guangwen, deputy mayor of Lishui City, and Liu Haiming, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, visited the Radisson Lithium Technology Industrial Park and attended the opening ceremony of the Lishui Intelligent Equipment High-tech Industrial Park.

In the morning, Vice Mayor Xu and his entourage accompanied by Wang Zhengfei, deputy secretary of the Jinyun County Committee, and Hu Zhengxin, deputy director of the Lishui Hardware Technology Industrial Park Management Committee, visited the investigation.

Vice Mayor Xu Guangwen and his party visited the production workshop of Changer. They inspected the products of Changer in the field, and developed the high-end equipment for Changer, and provided detailed solutions for customers to realize the "machine substitution". Chairman Lin Luga made a report on the development and strategic planning of Changer, focusing on the development of smart equipment high-tech industry.

Vice Mayor Xu Guangwen expressed his full affirmation and appreciation for Changer's commitment to high-end equipment "intelligence" and the achievements of scientific research and innovation achieved over the years. He hoped that Changer would seize the development opportunity and base on a new starting point to promote corporate research, talents and brands. The overall improvement will promote the company to a new level, give full play to the leading role of intelligent equipment leading enterprises, and achieve leap-forward development.