[Top] Passion in May, Changer Star staff waiting for you to like!

2017-06-16 16:36:38 14


In Changer, there is such a group of people who work hard and spare no effort; they are diligent and simple, based on their own posts, and make great contributions in reducing costs and increasing efficiency! It is very appropriate to have such a name on them - excellent staff! They are:

Management Center: Yang Chaojie

Finance Center: Ying Xiaoyu

Marketing Center: Huang Xiaolu

Technology Center: Zhou  Know, Zhou Yiyi

Supply Chain Center: Tian Wulang

Precision Machine Manufacturing Center: Chen Senfeng, Chen Guogen

Production Support Department: Lu Wei

Manufacturing two centers: Lu Weiqiang, Chen Peifeng

Quality Assurance Center: Zhu  Bin

Advanced manufacturing company: Yu Zongliang, Wu Wenzhong

Product Technology Department: Zhou Huazhen


In the days of May, the breeze is not dry, and the vegetation is happy. In this season of flying dreams, Changer people feel life and work hard. They dare to undertake, work hard and enterprising spirit, and play a positive role in the role of Changer. I believe that every employee of Changer takes them as an example, unites and cooperates, strives for progress, and contributes to the company's stable and healthy development. power!