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2017-05-06 16:24:01 8

On May 5th, Long Xingyuan, the chairman of Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., accompanied by Zhang Tianshi, executive director of Hanjiang Tools Co., Ltd., and other 8 people visited Changer, and Lin Green, chairman of Changer, warmly received.

Long Xingyuan and his entourage visited the Changer production workshop and the research equipment. Lin Lugao, the chairman of the board, introduced the basic situation of Changer, including historical traceability, product innovation and market competition.

At the R&D results sharing meeting, Lu Xiaotian, the technical director of Changer, reported on the innovation breakthroughs that Changer has made in recent years from product series and technology research and development. Long Xingyuan, chairman of Qinchuan Machine Tool, also briefly introduced the basic situation of Qinchuan. At the meeting, Long Xingyuan and his party fully affirmed the achievements of Changer in scientific research and innovation, and expressed appreciation for the comprehensive solution provided by Changer products for customers to realize “machine substitution”. I hope that the two sides will have deep cooperation and exchange in the future. Opportunity.

Qinchuan Machine Tool Company Profile:

  Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000837) is China's leading CNC machine tool and complex tool R & D and manufacturing base, leading enterprise in China's machine tool industry, ranking third. State-level high-tech enterprises and innovative pilot enterprises have established state-level enterprise technology centers, academician expert workstations, post-doctoral research stations, US R&D institutions and three provincial-level technology R&D centers. He has won the "First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award" and "China Industrial Awards Award".

The main products include: gear grinding machine, thread grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, gear hobbing machine, universal CNC lathe and machining center, gantry type turning and milling honing composite machining center, plastic machinery, precision high efficiency broaching machine and other high-end CNC equipment, CNC complex tools; CNC system, rolling function components, auto parts, special gearboxes, robot joint reducers, screw rotor pairs, precision gears, precision instrumentation, precision castings, etc.; and digital workshop and system integration, machine tool remanufacturing and factory Modern manufacturing services such as services, supply chain management and financial leasing.