Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department Shan Jinyan Research Changer

2017-05-05 16:23:14 9

On May 5th, members of the Party Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the head of the Provincial Environmental Law Enforcement Inspection Team, Jin Jinyan, the director of the office Gao Xiang, Liu Haiming, director of the Lishui Environmental Protection Bureau, Xu Longping, the supervisor of the supervision team, Pan Qiaoling, the deputy county magistrate of Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province Li Bangsheng, director of the Lishui Hardware Technology Industrial Park Management Committee, Hu Zhengxin, deputy director, and Xie Xiaohua, director of the Jinyun County Environmental Protection Bureau, accompanied the leaders to investigate and guide.

The leaders and the company watched the corporate propaganda film and listened to the introduction of Chairman Lin Lugao about the production and management and scientific research and innovation of Changer in recent years. They have obtained the high-end equipment "intelligence" and "green manufacturing" in recent years. The new breakthrough has fully affirmed and praised Changer as a “little giant” in the segmented industry, and praised the green production of “low energy consumption, high efficiency and environmental protection” for Changer products!