Japanese experts visit Changer to diagnose the pulse

2017-03-31 16:18:07 9

On March 29th, Mr. Zhang Yaowu, deputy director of Zhejiang Foreign Exchange Center, led by Sakai Jun of Japan’s Sakai Technology Office, and Hiroyuki of the NH Technology Consultancy Office, pro-stage  Japanese technical and management experts went to Changer to inspect and guide.

The three experts have worked in well-known Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Kao, and have extensive experience in precision casting, engineering design, equipment planning, and unmanned plant renovation.

The Japanese experts first visited the Changer production workshop, and inspected the products of Changer in the field, and listened to the introduction of the research and innovation achievements of Changer in recent years. The Japanese experts and the company’s product quality and production management level Give full recognition.

       Later, the Japanese experts went to the conference room to communicate with the Changer team. At the meeting, the Japanese experts answered the technical, production and management issues raised by Changer. Based on their own experience, the three Japanese experts put forward their own suggestions for the refined production of Changer. They hope that Changer can further standardize the parts, standardize the combined units, reduce waste, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

Deputy Director Zhang introduced that the province organizes the “Zhejiang Elegance Experts in Zhejiang” activities every year. Through the activities, more Zhejiang enterprises can access the advanced enterprise management concepts of Japan and establish channels for in-depth exchanges with experts. In the future, enterprises can hire As a technical and management consultant, Japanese experts can also go to Japan to seek problem solutions, so that the production and management of the company can be improved.

Finally, Executive Vice President Hu Chunmei once again expressed his gratitude to the Japanese experts for their arrival. I hope that the three experts will keep in touch with Changer in the future and provide technical and management support for Changer.