The list of the first "Zhejiang Manufacturing" big craftsman was released.

2017-04-01 17:07:00 28

The list of the first "Made in Zhejiang" craftsmen was released. The list of the first "Zhejiang Manufacturing" master craftsmen was released. After the public selection and expert review, a total of 20 "Zhejiang Manufacturing" craftsmen and 10 artists were produced in 2016. The famous "Zhejiang Manufacturing" popular craftsman, Jinyun County, Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Hydraulic Department Ying Yan Xin Rong list.

It is understood that the first search for the "Made in Zhejiang" major craftsmanship was organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Quality Leadership Office and other departments. Since September last year, through the extensive collection, selection and display, public voting, expert review and other links, the final evaluation of 30 fine craftsmen.

Ying Yanxin, employee of Zhejiang Changer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., focusing on hydraulic assembly technology for 15 years, is committed to high-end equipment hydraulic assembly process and hydraulic technology research and production. In recent years, as the person in charge of hydraulic assembly technology, he has participated in 5 national-level projects such as the National Innovation Fund, the National Torch Program, and national key new products, 5 provincial-level projects such as major projects in Zhejiang Province, and 6 county-level science and technology projects. item. The research and development achievements won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, the second prize of Zhejiang Excellent Industrial New Product and New Technology, the second prize of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Science and Technology, and the first prize of Lishui Science and Technology Progress Award. Participated in the development of the largest domestic tonnage broaching machine, the first domestic right-angle double-column broaching machine and the first broaching machine equipped with industrial robots in China; the products were listed in 2 national key new products, 15 provincial-level new products, and Zhejiang manufacturing boutique 2 item.

In recent years, Jinyun County has continuously increased the training of skilled personnel, advocated the spirit of “artisan craftsmanship”, reshaped the “work culture”, adopted a three-dimensional publicity, carried out training according to local conditions, trained on-site competition skills, and focused on cultivating and stimulating the incubation base. The mechanism encourages morale, teachers and teachers to take the "six major actions" in education, and gradually launch the "Jinyun Artisan" brand. In 2016, on behalf of the city group, he participated in the provincial first-class competition, and was awarded one of the first and third persons respectively, and was awarded the provincial chief technician and provincial technical expert. Obtained the only province-wide 2016 special vocational ability assessment standard development project in the whole city. Up to now, the county has established 1 provincial-level skill master studio, 5 city-level skill master studios, 1 provincial and municipal chief technicians, 12 city five-level skill masters, and a total of 1818 high-skilled personnel. There are 36 senior technicians, 311 technicians and 1,471 senior workers, ranking the forefront of the city's skilled talents.