Li Yichun, Director of the Information Department of Lishui City Economic and Information Committee, researched

2016-05-24 13:25:06 11


On May 24, Li Yichun, director of the Informationization Division of Lishui City Economic and Information Committee, Deputy Director Cheng Junjie, and Deng Yong, director of the Provincial Smart City Planning and Design Institute, accompanied by Pan Shaohua, deputy director of the Jinyun County Economic and Trade Bureau, investigated guide.

Hu Chunmei, executive vice president, reported on the basic situation of Changer Enterprise, and introduced in detail the work and achievements of the company in information construction, especially for the information collection and processing of “machine substitution” products, and demonstrated The 3D video and practical application video of the automated production line, the leaders and experts have affirmed a series of achievements in the construction of Changer Information. The two sides made further exchanges on the information management of Changer, the construction of “manufacturing service”, the introduction of information technology talents and the development prospects of enterprises.


After the meeting, the leading experts visited the Changer production workshop accompanied by the executive vice president Hu Chunmei. They learned about the new products in the field and provided the “machine substitution” solution to the customer. The aspect is highly appreciated.