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At the end of April, CBN and 10 new three-board manufacturing companies visited German Industry 4.0 to visit German industrial technology and learn from the advanced aspects of German Industry 4.0!
        After the visit, how should China's manufacturing industry develop, whether China Manufacturing 2025 can guide China's manufacturing industry to overtake the car and see what the new three-board manufacturing entrepreneurs say!


Author: Lin Lu Gao Chang Er and equipment (833,115), chairman
In April 2016, CBN visited "German Industry 4.0" visits

Intelligent manufacturing first requires good equipment

Industry 4.0 should be from smart manufacturing to smart factories. We can simply understand that the production of a component requires many types of machines, different processes require different machine tools, and different machine tools are produced by different manufacturers. If we want to put it into a line to form a smart factory, each company has its own standards, then there is no way to connect them together.

For China, China Manufacturing 2025 must first have high-end equipment, and then the use of industrial robots, in order to achieve true automation. One-tenth of the failure rate is better, but for industrial production, one-tenth of the failure rate is equivalent to one failure per day. Obviously, auto parts manufacturers cannot accept this result.


Bringing is a shortcut, but it also needs innovation   

In fact, China is very innovative and innovative. We also want to use the use of the doctrine, the problem is nowhere to take. Like the broaching industry, millions of dollars or even tens of millions of equipment, how can it be bought and removed.

There is a saying that reform and opening up is to cross the river by feeling the stones. I think that since there is a bridge above the river, why should I cross the river by feeling the stones, so I agree that we should digest and absorb and innovate. Digestion and absorption and innovation are not simple imitations. We analyze the characteristics of foreign advanced equipment, and combine our own equipment and talent reserve to produce suitable equipment.


Have confidence in China's manufacturing industry

At present, Chinese manufacturing companies are not highly recognized internationally, but this requires a process. Just as German equipment was also looked down on by the United Kingdom and the United States, we Chinese must have confidence.

Our products meet customer needs in terms of machining accuracy, but we see weaknesses compared to German equipment. German equipment is still very new after five years and ten years, and our equipment may have some problems of oil leakage and water leakage.


Robotic application technology development is crucial

At the Hannover Fair, we saw the robustness and flexibility of the 1,000-kilogram heavy-duty industrial robot. We also saw the small and exquisite three-kilogram robot. We visited the production site of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. They have already used robots to work on a large scale. The development of industrial robots has advanced by leaps and bounds.

<p style="text-indent: 2em;", we saw the robustness and flexibility of the 1000kg heavy-duty industrial robot, and also saw the small and exquisite three-kilogram robot. We visited the production site of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, they have already The use of robots to operate on a large scale, the development of industrial robots has advanced by leaps and bounds. >      It can be said that the robotic arm can afford it, but after buying it, it can really play a role. I think this requires technology, so we have a research and development task in the past few years: we are committed to the development of the technology of industrial robots. .