In 2015, the industrial inspection and technological transformation “100-day attack” activity inspection team visited the enterprise

2015-11-12 13:21:02 12

On November 26th, Dong Xiaopei, deputy inspector of Zhejiang Economic and Information Committee, Chen Changjie, deputy director of Investment Department, Tong Hongfeng, director of the Bureau of Investment, and Bao Xiaomin, director of investment department of Cangzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Lou Peizhong, deputy director of Lishui City Economic and Information Committee Zhao Fengnian, Director of the Investment Regulations Department, accompanied by Hu Zhengxin, Director of the Jinyun County Economic and Information Bureau, visited the company for inspection and guidance.

Accompanied by the executive vice president Hu Chunmei, the delegation visited the production workshop of the enterprise. Vice President Hu introduced the production and operation situation of the company in recent years, the listing of the “new three boards” and the application fields of the products, and reported the enterprises in recent years. In the "machine substitution" results, the two sides held a discussion in the conference room.

At the symposium, Vice President Hu gave a detailed introduction to the research and development of the company's current major scientific research projects “automatic production lines for automobile brake calipers” and “big aircraft”, reporting on the development direction of enterprises in the robot industry, and leading a group of enterprises. The products have been fully affirmed to the high-end, complete sets, and to provide customers with overall solution development.