The trade union group walked through Shaoxing to visit the hometown of Lu Xun 2

2015-11-12 11:07:00 8

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and create a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere, on September 12, the company's trade unions organized all employees to enjoy the reputation of “Venice of the East” and “Hometown of Wanqiao”, one of the world's top ten writers, and the theory of Chinese revolution. Pioneer - the hometown of Mr. Lu Xun - Shaoxing Tourism。 

  When I came to Lu Xun’s hometown where I grew up and lived in the early years, under the guidance of the tour guide, everyone looked for the original appearance of Lu Xun’s former residence, ancestral home, Sanwei Bookstore and Baicaoyuan. From Baicaoyuan to Sanwei Bookstore, from the anise beans to the social scene of the hometown, Mr. Lu Xun’s hometown complex can be seen everywhere. Everyone is in it, and the thoughts flow through, and they stop by the river in threes and threes, look at the boatman on the awning boat, or taste the authentic anise beans, the fragrant daughter red... The respect and nostalgia for Mr. Lu Xun everywhere. 

 In the prestigious Keyan Scenic Area, there are Maitreya Buddha statues, Yungu, Qixingyan, Silkworm Caves, and the five bridges and the Nanyang autumn floods that show the waterscape of Jianhu Lake. It is a wonderful work for generations. Visitors admire and be impressed. Everyone has successively boarded the awning boat that Lu Xun often appears, and enjoys the rafting on the river leading to Luzhen. Walking into Luzhen, it seems to walk into the corridor of history, and the book in Lu Xun gives people a feeling of illusion. Here, everyone feels the history of southern Zhejiang and the culture of Yuezhou. 

  The tourism activities let everyone feel the warm feelings of the unique Jiangnan water town, relax their mood, enhance their friendship, and feel the love and warmth of the company while enjoying the joy of tourism. While looking forward to the next season's tourism season, everyone will be more eager and better to invest in the next work, to better achieve the company's goal.