Changer launches summer migrant workers' care for summer camp activities

2015-07-17 11:16:21 10

In response to the call for the “Spring Mud Plan” campaign to enrich and activate the summer life of migrant children, from July 14th, Changer and the China Metrology College student volunteers launched a 15-day summer charity summer camp in the company lecture hall. .

With the theme of "Red Scarf Meets Chinese Dream and Practices Core Values", the event aims at "Happy Children, Reassuring Parents, School Satisfaction, Social Relief" and launched moral education, traditional games, fun competitions, academic counseling, and family relationships. Various forms of educational practice activities, such as escort, fitness exercise, and self-protection, enable primary and secondary school students to improve their knowledge reserves during their studies and develop their hands-on ability in practice.

On the first day of the “Spring Mud Project”, more than 20 primary and middle school students participated. The Chinese College of Metrology's young, passionate and energetic nine college students with their love, with their professional knowledge, seriously and patiently communicate with the students, the two sides quickly merged, the activities are deeply loved by the students.