[Daily Technology] - Zhejiang: Jinyun held an expert technical match with the Academy of Military Sciences

2016-02-02 10:53:15 20

In order to speed up the collaborative innovation of production, education and research, we will vigorously promote the docking of technical achievements between enterprises and colleges, help enterprises solve technical problems, and promote the transformation of scientific research results of universities and colleges. On March 24, Jinyun County Science and Technology Bureau and Lishui City Productivity Promotion Center In the town of Hu Town, a technical matchmaking meeting with the Academy of Military Sciences was held. The meeting invited 55 general engineers of the Academy of Military Sciences, Jiang Jichun, researcher of advanced manufacturing technology, and researcher Zhang Dazhen, an advanced manufacturing technology expert, and 52 computer software experts, Kang Zhenyu, associate researcher and international welding engineer Ma Zhihua. The responsible persons of 14 mechanical equipment enterprises in the county participated in the matchmaking meeting. The docking meeting was presided over by Zheng Junfeng, deputy director of the Jinyun County Science and Technology Bureau. Lan Yuehui, deputy director of the Lishui Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Chen Fajun, deputy director of the Lishui Municipal Bureau of Productivity Promotion, attended the meeting.

    At the docking meeting, Jiang Jichun made a special report on "Development Trends in Manufacturing and Manufacturing Technology", introducing the development trend of domestic and international advanced manufacturing technologies and the latest advanced manufacturing technologies. Associate Professor Zhang Dazhao introduced his research results and technology on digital manufacturing technology, Associate Researcher Kang Zhenyu on enterprise standardized integrated process management, and Ma Zhihua engineers on welding process and technology. Han Li Saw Industry, Handa Machinery, Changer Equipment, Hengqiang Needle Car, Dingfeng Machinery and other leaders of the company are concerned about improving the level of welding technology, improving product quality, improving enterprise management, simulation design technology, and automated production level. The issue was discussed with experts.

    After the docking session, experts from the Academy of Military Sciences, accompanied by Zheng Junfeng, deputy director of the Jinyun County Science and Technology Bureau, went to Hanli Saw Industry, Dingfeng Machinery, Advance Metals, Shuaima Sewing Machine, Jianfeng Machinery and other enterprises to conduct on-site investigation and research, further with the company. The responsible person exchanged and discussed relevant technical issues, and the two parties initially reached a number of cooperation intentions.

    Through the form of this special technology matchmaking meeting, experts from the county or industry will be invited to provide on-site guidance to provide more targeted and effective technical support for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. It will be an important part of the cooperation between the Jinyun County Science and Technology Bureau to promote the cooperation between industry and academia. means. Next, we will hold 3-4 technical matchmaking meetings for mechanical equipment and automation control, special steel and die steel, aluminum alloy materials, LED technology and other related fields, and invite Harbin Institute of Technology, China Institute of Metrology, Academy of Military Sciences, Zhejiang University of Technology and other universities. The experts of the institute came to guide the service.