Changer Share 2014 Annual Summary Conference

2015-02-06 13:41:58 19

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On February 1, Changer's 2014 annual summary meeting was held in the company's exhibition hall, and all shareholders and employees attended the meeting. The general manager of each company and the senior management of Changer summarized the work carried out in 2014 and reported the work plan for 2015.

At the meeting, Lin Lv Gao, the company's chairman, made an important speech and put forward the general policy (ie, guiding ideology) of the company's “strategic marketing, technological innovation, process management, and team success” in 2015. He pointed out that the company's annual general policy and overall goal must become the "soul", "main line", "hands-on" and "focus" of the company's annual management work. All departments and all employees should closely focus on the company's annual general policy and total The goal is to plan as soon as possible, as soon as possible and scientifically, to integrate resources and cohesiveness, to act quickly and actively, and to carry out work in all directions.

In the afternoon, all shareholders held the first shareholder meeting in the conference room.