"Refresh 2014, Win-Win 2015" New Year Party

2015-02-05 10:36:58 14

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On February 1st, the “Refresh 2014, Win-Win 2015” New Year Gala was held in the company's exhibition hall. All shareholders and employees gathered together to “win” the New Year.

The evening party with songs and dances (sign language) "Thank you" opened the curtain, solemn "teachers" apprenticeship ceremony, happy stage play "Little Apple", Meng NAO robot dance "Jiangnan STYLE", lottery and interactive games The tears of joy and the laughter of joy lingered throughout the venue. A father of a chopsticks brother touched all the people in an instant and pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

The party ended successfully in everyone's laughter. The evening was built around gratitude, joy, cohesion and prospects. It fully reflected the employees' gratitude to the company, the masters and colleagues, and made the employees feel the warmth of the big family.

In the new year, Changer will continue to follow the core values of “customer-centered, struggle-oriented, long-term hard work”, enhance its core competitiveness and achieve the company's annual overall goal.