Xu Zifu, deputy mayor of Lishui City, researched the enterprise

2014-12-03 10:31:45 18

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On November 27th, Xu Zifu, deputy mayor of Lishui Municipal People's Government, Li Jianjun, deputy director of the Municipal Finance Office, Du Yongming, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Li Fei, director of the Capital Market Office of the Municipal Finance Office, Zhang Dong, deputy magistrate of Jinyun County Mr. Tao Junyou, deputy director of the Management Committee of Lijing Hardware Technology Industrial Park, Li Ruihua, member of the party committee of the county government, and Li Ruihua, secretary of the party committee of Huzhen, came to the company for research and guidance.

Chairman Lin Luga accompanied the leaders to visit the production workshop of the enterprise, and introduced in detail the production and operation of the enterprise, the technological innovation and the future development plan. The two sides further exchanged questions on the problems encountered in the preparation work of the “New Third Board”.