Li Xiaohui, deputy director of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Lishui

2014-11-26 11:14:38 13

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On November 20th, Li Xiaoming, deputy director of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Lishui City, and Lu Jiming, director of the Quality and Standards Division, accompanied by the leaders of Jinyun County Quality Supervision Bureau Chen Qun and deputy director Xiang Weiliang, came to the company for research and guidance.

Chairman Lin Luga accompanied the leaders to visit the production workshop of the company, and introduced in detail the production and operation situation of the enterprise, the technological innovation and the current share reform and future development plan. The leadership and the line fully affirmed the achievements of the company in technological innovation, and at the same time put forward valuable suggestions in quality management: I hope that the company can achieve standardized management according to its own situation, and implement the high-quality development of “Zhejiang Manufacturing” through the implementation of high standards. Create a "Made in Zhejiang" brand and make the company stronger and bigger.