Li Zhiping, deputy secretary of the Lishui Municipal Committee, and mayor of the company

2014-10-25 10:57:08 23

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On October 23, Li Zhiping, deputy secretary of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the Lishui Municipal Committee, accompanied by leaders of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee, Jinyun County Party Committee Secretary Zhu Jikun, deputy mayor Chen Chong, county leaders Wu Yulin, Lu Zhongyu, Lou Jinyou and other leaders came to the company for research and guidance.

The leaders and the company visited the production workshop of the company and listened to the introduction of the chairman Lin Lugao on the production and operation of the company, as well as the report on the current share reform and the listing of the “New Third Board”, and learned more about the personnel training and technological innovation. Enterprises have actively established a research and development platform, continuously strengthened cooperation in production, education and research, adhered to independent innovation, improved internal management, and attached great importance to the training of talents.