​Fire safety basic knowledge training

2014-10-18 10:59:11 16

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In order to popularize fire safety knowledge, employees' awareness of fire safety is enhanced, and employees' ability to evacuate and save themselves in the event of a fire is improved. On the afternoon of October 16, the company specially invited Chen Rouyi, the social training office of the Jinyun County Fire Brigade, to conduct basic training on fire safety in the company's exhibition hall.

In combination with fire cases in recent years, Mr. Chen gave an in-depth explanation on the daily fire inspection, emergency and prevention of fire fighting, and the normal use of fire-fighting equipment, and taught preventive measures and how to extinguish the initial fire. How to organize personnel evacuation, fire escape methods and other knowledge. During the training, I also watched the case video of the fire self-rescue escape, and used the "blood lesson" to warn employees to attach great importance to fire safety. After the lecture, the on-site test and Q&A were conducted, and the training activities were successfully concluded in the communication.

Through this training, employees will be able to further master the basic skills of emergency evacuation and escape and self-rescue, master the correct use of fire-fighting equipment, and at the same time, have a deeper understanding of the importance of fire safety.