French experts come to the company for research and guidance

2014-09-11 11:07:14 12

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On September 9th, Guo Xiaojun, an investigator from the Foreign Experts Bureau of Zhejiang Province, accompanied Philip, the head of the French ECTI expert organization, to visit the company for research and guidance. In addition, the accompanying staff also had the deputy director of the Lishui Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, member of the party group Chen Xiaoheng, and director of the Foreign Experts Bureau of Lishui City. Chen Zhengping, Lu Mingjin, deputy director of Jinyun County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Accompanied by Chairman Lin Lugao, the leader and his party visited the production workshop of the company and learned about the company's general situation and the innovation of scientific research projects. Subsequently, the two sides held a discussion. Mr. Phillips introduced the specific situation of the French Expert Consultation Association to the company. Chairman Lin Luga reported to the leaders and experts that the company encountered technical problems in the scientific research project, and the two sides made full exchanges and communication.

The research activity hopes to realize the one-to-one connection between foreign experts and technical needs through the introduction of foreign intelligence, to provide necessary intellectual support for enterprises, and to solve specific technical problems in the production process of enterprises.