Lishui City People's Social Security Bureau leaders visited the company

2014-09-07 13:36:29 18

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On September 4th, Cheng Jinjin, Director of the Professional Capacity Building Division of the People's Social Welfare Bureau of Lishui City, accompanied by the leaders of Luyun Jin, deputy director of the Jinyun County People's Social Security Bureau, visited the company to inspect the skills master studio and the chief technician candidate.

The leaders and the team visited the environment of the enterprise skill master studio, and listened to the executive vice president Hu Chunmei about the creation of the studio and the director of the office, Zheng Yangjing, about the personal situation of the chief technician Bai Chongyang. Subsequently, Director Cheng also had an interview with Bai Chongyang to further understand the candidate's performance in the company and his contribution to the company.