​The “Machinery Substitution” research group of the General Machinery Institute visited the company for research

2014-09-03 11:29:10 17

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On August 29th, Xie Bingbing, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute, Feng Zezhou, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Ye Daojun, deputy chief engineer of the First Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry, Yang Yongbo, director of welding robot of Harbin Welding Institute, Beijing Machinery Liu Bo, director of the Robotics Center of the Institute of Industrial Automation, Han Tongpeng, manager of the non-standard complete business unit of Zhejiang Branch, and Sun Dayu, industry researcher of the Industrial Development Department, accompanied by the leaders of Jinyun County Economic and Trade Bureau Wang Jin and other leaders, came to the company for research and guidance.

The leaders and the company visited the production workshop of the enterprise, learned about the technological innovation of the enterprise and the development of the enterprise in recent years, and listened to the implementation of the “machine substitution” project by the chairman of Lin Lugao and the current key scientific research project of the enterprise. The report on the research and development of the “automatic production line” and the “big aircraft” project highly praised the achievements of the company in terms of “machine substitution”. In addition, the two sides made further exchanges on the technical difficulties encountered in enterprise product development and production.