Fujian two-day tour

2014-09-03 11:21:30 18

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From August 30 to 31, the company's trade union organized all employees and their families to visit the Niulanggang Beach and Taimu Mountain.

The cow's langgang beach is on the seaside of the mountain, facing the sea from the Laoshan Island. The beach is flat, surrounded by mountains and trees, and the surrounding reefs are different in shape. Come here, we have a lot of water to swim; some in the near the beach bubble body, enjoy the soft wave touch; some take off the shoes and socks, at the edge of the beach, accept the tide of white kisses; some Lying on the beach, sunbathing, catching crabs, snails, digging sand, experience the joy of the sea. On the second day, we came to the National 5A-level scenic spot, Taimu Mountain. The Taimu Mountain features granite peaks and caves. There are more than 100 kinds of holes in the mountains. These holes have their own characteristics. We must walk in various movements. When you are squatting, crawling, squatting, and on the side, some people refer to these actions as "too aerobics", with different postures, all the way to laugh and laugh, and enjoy themselves.

The tourism activity allowed everyone to feel the embrace of the sea and appreciate the beauty of the Taimu Mountain. At the same time, the imposing manner also relaxed the mood and enhanced the friendship, so that all employees and their families felt the warmth of the big family. , enhanced team cohesion.