Shi Jinhua, member of the Party Working Committee of the Eco-Industry Cluster Area of Lishui City, and his research enterprise

2014-08-15 11:28:06 16

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On August 13, Shi Jinhua, member of the Party Working Committee of Lishui Ecological Industry Cluster (Lishui Economic Development Zone) and deputy director of the Management Committee, and deputy director of the Economic Cooperation and Exchange Office of the People's Government of Lishui City, accompanied by the leaders of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Jinyun County Enterprise research guidance.

The leaders and the company visited the production workshop of the company and listened to the report on the implementation of the “machine substitution” project by the chairman of Lin Lugao and the research and development of the company's current key scientific research projects “automatic brake caliper automatic production line” and “big aircraft” project. It affirmed the achievements of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, and hoped that enterprises can achieve 1+1>2 benefits through the robot industry alliance platform and improve their competitiveness. In addition, the two sides exchanged views on how to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation.