Lishui City People's Congress Research Group investigates technological innovation of enterprises

2014-08-11 11:47:21 13

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On August 7, Liu Guoan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Lishui Municipal People's Congress, Wang Shaosen, director of the Education, Culture and Health Committee, Zhang Ming, deputy director of Lishui Science and Technology Bureau, Lan Yuehui, deputy director of the Lishui City People's University Column, Li Shui City Science and Technology Bureau Office Wu Jianfei and other leaders accompanied by the leadership of Jinyun County, the deputy head of Jinyun County, and other leaders came to the company to investigate technological innovation.

Accompanied by the executive vice president Hu Chunmei, the delegation visited the production workshop of the enterprise, watched the product promotion video of the enterprise, and listened to the executive vice president Hu Chunmei on the enterprise innovation team and the company's current key scientific research project “automatic brake caliper automatic production line”. The project and the report on the research and development of the "big aircraft" project, and discussed the situation of the enterprise R & D team, school-enterprise cooperation, personnel training and independent intellectual property rights. The research team has fully affirmed the technological innovation of enterprises, and hopes that through continuous exploration and efforts, the company will make innovation to the next level.